American Systems Inc.


UX, Web Design & Development



I decided to look into the websites of major companies with major DoD contracts that needed a major website overhaul. The criterias I searched under were:

  • Broken web functions such as search, menus, and sliders/gallery/images,
  • Cluttered/non-informative site, and
  • Non-adaptive/responsive.

I landed on American Systems (AS).

Old Site

Website Audit

I thoroughly searched through AS's entire website to complete an online audit. This allowed me to find out important details that are not available at first glance: who they are, and what services they provided. The company was failing at the one thing they needed to do online: sell themselves! The question to answer was: Who would want to go into partnership with them when they can get tech solutions elsewhere, from other giant defense contractors who bill themselves as the top tech solution for tech/data companies?


  • Define who American Systems' users are.
  • Define what American Systems should highlight.
  • Create a responsive website to respond to all devices, while still highlighting American Systems as the defense industries top B2B tech company.

UX Research

I needed to find out who the users of this website are, and what American Systems should highlight. My research lead to a few key points: marketing yourself and your products are key to landing DoD contracts, inbound marketing is disruptive enough to land tech companies on the radar when being researched by other business' and talent, and 60% of government buyers are using mobile devices.


A new responsive website was created with a refreshing design that clearly highlights not only who American Systems is, but the solutions they offer. This in effect speaks to potential employees, business', and government entities.

User Research

Throughout the project I used various research methods to understand problem areas for caregivers. The User Research gives me an understanding of which points of contacts and features would be needed for this redeisgn.

Diana Hopkins Persona
Journey Map

Web & UI Design

I'm then able to come up with a design that keeps the companies branding intact. The necesarry features and critical information highlighted in the UX phase are given life. A mobile first approach was used to create this responsive website.

New Site Mockup
Responsive Site Mockup

Final Thoughts

The final design of this site heavily borrows from their own collateral and design documents. This helps to keep the website on brand, making sure not to break the companies design ecosystem. The site has improved usability, usefullness, and interactivity for both the users and the organization.