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As a college student, I needed a tool that would help me get around campus, but to also help keep me organized. I needed to be punctual, and aware of all that my school had to offer me. so i turned to the Universities phone app to help get me there. Unfortunately, the app is bugged, has a dated design, is informationally disorganized, and overall ineffective as a tool for students. Thus I ventured to redesign the application so that it may one day be a vital and popular tool for students.


I interviewed current, and prospective students. I gained a better understanding on current frustration points, what they expected, and what they wanted out of the app. I also took an audit of the current application.


The audit resulted in the following challenges:

1. To create an app that allowed its users to rely on it for vital information regarding campus news and events, specific programs, and classes.

2. Make the App usable for both current and prospective students.

3. Allow the college to communicate with it's students through a very popular, and important means.

4. Give students a tool that they can rely on throughout their academic career.


The application was given a fresh design and look. The information is better organized with a home dashboard that allows students to get vital information such as Class Information, Finances, Club Information, and Campus Alerts, in as few taps as possible. The campus has a means of distributing news and event information, along with vital news such as Campus Alerts, important calendar dates via the Academic Calendar, and and Email Inbox.
Both the the business goals and user needs were met, making this app useful, and resourceful for both parties

User Research

I completed an audit of the current app, along with interviews with a broad set of users consisting of: current & prospective students, alumni, faculty, and campus officials.

User Research
Competitor Analysis


I created multiple prototypes to demo and gather data to create our analysis. I conducted paper testing through POPs, and usability testing. The resulting information allowed me to iterate on the design to give users a better experience.