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Caregiving for loved ones can be hard. Appointments, medicine, diet, daily activities, and emergencies, can all be hard to track and manage. Having information that can help with health problems and concerns can be difficult to obtain. It is almost impossible to keep up with everything while having a job. This results in a lot of frustration and ultimately, hardships with loved ones.


I interviewed current, and prospective ride-share app users. I gained a better understanding on how they used those apps, why, and frustration points.


  1. Time-poor urban travelers and commuters who use ride sharing programs needed another means of travel. These users had little trust in the cities current bike share program.
  2. Create a rideshare program that allows users to plan ahead, while keeping also tracking habits.


An app was created with a simple and clean UI. Fast and easy to find and secure a board at a location. Statistics enable you to track your ride habits and stash

User Research

Throughout the project I used various research methods to understand problem areas for caregivers.

User Research
Competitor Analysis
Site Map


I created multiple prototypes to demo and gather data to create our analysis. I conducted paper testing through POPs, and usability testing. The resulting information allowed me to iterate on the design to give users a better experience.