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When bike sharing programs first started, they were not popular because of their location placement, disorganziation, and lack of standardization. They have only become popluar after getting better organized, thus creating standards. These ride sharing programs have become less reliable with urban travelers and commuters because of lack of availability and dependability.


I interviewed current, and prospective ride-share app users. I gained a better understanding on how they used those apps, why, and frustration points.


1. Time-poor urban travelers and commuters who use ride sharing programs needed another means of travel. These users had little trust in the cities current bike share program.

2. Create a rideshare program that allows users to plan ahead, while keeping also tracking their habits so that they can get customized routes, notifications, and general data.


An app was created with a simple and clean UI that makes it fast and easy to find and secure a board at a any specific location. Statistics enable you to track your ride habits and help to customize your routes and notifications to get you to your destination, on time.

User Research

Throughout the project I used various research methods to understand problem areas for these users. In person interviews at various locations enabled me to get a healthy representation of users. I then used the information gathered from the users to create the resulting sitemap and Personas. The below results represent critical facts regarding these users.

User Research
Competitor Analysis

Sketches & POP

I started the ideation phase of the UI by sketching and Prototyping on Paper (POP). This lended itself to rapidly prototyping and making changes based on user feedback. I was then able to create a Hi-Fi wireframe and prototype.

Site Map
Persona Carol Roman
Logo Variations

Final Design

The agile invironment allowed me to quickly create an app design that thoroughly allows commuters and urban travelers to travel by other means: hoverboards. With the rise in popluarity of hoverboards, I can quickly capture the lightning that bike share programs first garnered. This app will fill in the gap that other ride share programs have failed to filled; the app allows for users to find and secure a board ahead of time, so that no surprises arise. They can get to work or play on time: their time.

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