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Caregiving for loved ones can be hard. Appointments, medicine, diet, daily activities, and emergencies, can all be hard to track and manage. Having information that can help with health problems and concerns can be difficult to obtain. It is almost impossible to keep up with everything while having a job. This results in a lot of frustration and ultimately, hardships with loved ones.


Create a product designed to assist adults who need help in providing at home care. These home caregivers, along with potential caregivers, need to feel confident and secure that they can provide the care they need.


Learning what tools caregivers are most in need of. Branding & Designing a product that can make them more efficient in their caretaking. Create a brand and marketing that speaks to these caregivers, while giving them confidence through the use of the product.

User Research

A key step was to understand the user in depth and create stories in order to fully understand why and how the user will interact with the app. This approach guided me throughout the project and allowed me to define the features, and a Minimal Viable Product.

User Research

Throughout the project I used various research methods including Surveys, Interviews, and Competitor Research to gather as much info as I could to understand the landscape of my potential users and product environment.

User Research
Competitor Analysis

Information Architecture

The information gathered helped me to understand what my users want to do with the application, and how they will use the information. I then create user personas to represent the user that this application is centered around. This model is then used to create the flow of information, and the features of the application as well.

Site Map
Persona Carol Roman


After getting the information to understand the products users, I was then able to formulate a brand that appeals to the user. Logo's, color, and fonts form a connection to the potential users. The warm colors represent the warmth of love and care, while the logo is not only in the shape of a heart but shows connections; these connections represent the connection you have to your loved ones; the kind of connection this app will create for your loved ones care.

Logo Variations
Color Pallete & Typography

UI Design

This app is the result of all the research gathered to present a product that is useful and usable for the user.

App Design
Web Design Visit the RelConnect websiteView the videos


I created multiple prototypes to demo and gather data to create our analysis. I conducted paper testing through POPs, and usability testing. The resulting information allowed me to iterate on the design to give users a better experience.

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